How not to make a Swiss chard cake

What happens to all the vegetables that I grow? Apart from just eating them cooked or raw, I also make  soup, jam, chutney and cakes.  Sometimes I freeze things.  Last week we had a freezer incident.  I won’t go into details but it entailed using up some of the stuff in the freezer rather urgently.  This meant making a rather good runner bean and broccoli soup, an apple and bramble crumble and, I thought, an apple cake.  But one of the containers labelled ‘apples’ was actually Swiss chard.   I threatened to make a Swiss chard cake but it went in the soup instead.  So that was actually runner bean, broccoli and Swiss chard soup.  You might think that the lesson to be learned is to label your containers properly.  Well I do label them.  The problem was that I stuck a ‘Swiss chard’ label on top of an old ‘apple’ label and it came off when the freezer defrosted.  So the lesson, instead, is not to stick new labels on top of old ones.  But I’m not making any promises so friends and family will have to keep an eye on the content of my cakes.

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