Of rain, ice and water barrels

I promised myself that I wouldn’t talk about weather on this blog, but sometimes we have to.  We have had so much rain in the last few weeks that all my water barrels are overflowing, that is, except the one that leaks.  A leaky water barrel sits on the planet along with chocolate fireguards and other useless items but I have been persevering with this one since the big freeze of 2010.  That year my enthusiasm for saving water (though hardly necessary in this part of the planet) was blunted by losing two water barrels to ice.  The first one filled up with ice and cracked all around the base.  I turned it into a compost bin.  The second one only sprung tiny leaks round the edges so I tried every type of glue to fix them.  This sort of worked.  The glue would hold for a few months then the leaks would open up again and all the water would pour out.  In the deluges of the last few weeks the water has won the battle against the glue and the barrel has been permanently empty.  I was just about to post ‘leaking water barrel’ on my local freecycle  site when I thought I should give it a last chance.  I looked up the internet to see what other people do – someone said ‘use sand’. Well sand is something I have lots of.  Every time I dig up another bit of car park I unearth a pile of bricks and a sack of sand.  So I have mixed the sand with PVA glue and covered the bottom of the barrel with this gunge.  So far it seems to have worked.  Watch this space!



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