Weeds or flowers?

wallflowersIn my gardens I’ve tried to reclaim the paved and gravelled driveways and grow flowers and vegetables instead.  But what amazes me is the way in which tiny plants will try and grow through concrete and stone, without any human help.  I’ve converted the car park in my front garden with several flower beds and vegetable plots and planted trees and bushes in little oases amongst the brick pavers, but some plants grow without my help.  Of course, most of these are weeds: grass, hairy bittercress, dandelions, moss and the real guerrillas, sycamore seedlings.  Some are more welcome:  poppies, foxgloves, forget-me-nots.  But this year I noticed dozens of tiny wallflower seedlings growing round the adult wallflowers.  I’ve left some in place and potted the rest up to replant later in the year.

My small scale plan to reclaim the car parks in my front gardens is nothing compared to the work of the Pothole Gardener.  Have a look at his blog for more information.

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