Flowers in the salad

nasturtiumsThe glut of peas and lettuce that I had a week or two ago has now passed and today the salad bowl looked a bit empty. So what could I add? The red onions are just about to start flowering so best to eat them quickly. The onions are lovely raw in salad and the green shoots are just as nice. I’ve never had a lot of luck with radishes: they seem to go to seed and get hard and woody very quickly – probably not enough water. But once they’ve flowered they produce the most exciting seed pods which taste a bit like peas but with a fiery taste. But the most successful addition is probably nasturtium flowers. These taste wonderful and look great too. My first nasturtiums have appeared in a pot at the front door and are a beautiful deep red. So long as we keep picking and eating them they will go on flowering for the rest of the summer. So there will plenty to keep us going until the next crop of lettuce comes up.

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