Nasturtiums in the sand

I was looking over my slightly weedy herb pots at the kitchen door.  Some of the herbs have been infested with whitefly and I have been trying to deter them by growing nasturtiums. Surprisingly, this really works.  Whitefly don’t like the smell of nasturtiums and go off somewhere else.  But these tiny plants are struggling and are themselves being attacked by slugs.  There is a bag of sand beside the herb pots, left over from my last excavation of the paving in the front garden.  Sand has lots of uses in the garden so I store it in old compost bags.  Anyway, in the bag of sand I found a tiny nasturtium.  I didn’t plant it there: the seed must have found its own way and the plant is green and flourishing.  Nasturtiums are wonder plants.  You can eat them, they deter whitefly and they look lovely.  They also grow in the most unlikely places.nasturtium

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