Indoor Farming, Pips and other gardening books

I have a fridge magnet that quotes Cicero as saying ‘If you have a garden and a library, you have all you need’. This blog is about my garden but I’m also a reader. I’ve often found myself bookless and made a desperate dash to a library or charity shop to pick up a book to keep me going on a bus or train journey. As with gardening equipment, I prefer to read ‘preloved’ books rather than buy them new. I know I should be a prime target for an e-reader but I haven’t been converted yet. Anyway, what does … Continue reading Indoor Farming, Pips and other gardening books

Silver linings

Returning from a short time away, I have spent the weekend surveying the multiplication of weeds, the slug and caterpillar damage, and the bounteous growth of vegetables that can happen in ten days of inattention in the garden.  The slugs have feasted on lettuce seedlings. The lettuces have disappeared completely but the slugs have discovered a new delicacy – cat food. The poor cat had to live in the garden while we were away (although fed every day).  He doesn’t mind living outside in the summer but I had never noticed before the silver slug trails round his food dish … Continue reading Silver linings

Slightly Extreme Croquet

The assistant gardeners have been playing croquet using an old family set that we found in the loft.  They were a bit worried that my lawn had too many hazards for a civilised game: raised beds full of vegetables, washing pole, rhubarb and raspberries spilling over the grass and lots of lumpy bits full of ‘wild flowers’, not to mention an elderly cat trying to sleep amongst the tall grasses.  I reassured them that this was no obstacle to a decent game.  When I was growing up we lived near the sea and used to play croquet on the beach.  … Continue reading Slightly Extreme Croquet