Turnip lanterns .. and a squash

So Halloween has just passed and pumpkins have been appearing on windowsills and shops everywhere.  Of course pumpkin carving is a relatively new tradition in Scotland. When I was growing up we used to carve turnips at Halloween.  We carry on this tradition in our house with a set of pumpkins and various other vegetables at Halloween to celebrate our rush of October birthdays.  This year we had a couple of fairly small pumpkins, a turnip and a thing which grew in the garden which might have been a squash.

Here is the turnip.  It looked a bit like an elephant so has been carved to enhance its elephantine tendencies:

turnip lantern










Sadly, I didn’t grow this myself but I did grow a squash which we decided to carve for Halloween.  This thing self-seeded itself in my tomato patch.  I decided to let it grow to see what it would turn into.  In the end it produced this quite small but rather fetching lantern shaped squash.  What else could we do with it but add it to our lantern collection:

Lantern squash

So happy birthday to all my various late October and early November family members and a footnote to my senior assistant – this counts as a garden related post because I grew the squash.

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