It’s chilli

Chilli peppers in December

I know that’s a terrible pun but here is a photo of my chilli peppers, providing festive red and green decoration while it freezes outside.

The garden pond is frozen and we’ve had some sleety snow.  There’s not much growing in the vegetable garden but it’s nice to know that some things keep going.

Mature chilli pepper

You can see from this picture that it’s a mature plant.  I grew it from seed a few years ago, tempting it into growth with a little heat in a propagator, then onto the windowsill, out into the seed house in the garden over the summer and back inside over the winter.  This summer it went out to the seed house for a few months and back to the windowsill in October.  Now here it is  festively providing chillis in December. It makes it all worth it.   This sets me to thinking about what to grow next season though I’ll hold off the seed sowing for a couple of months.

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