Christmas dinner from the garden

It’s always nice to have something from the garden on Christmas Day.  We’re away this year but have brought a supply of purple Brussels sprouts with us to contribute to the table.


We could also have had

  • the last tomato, ripened on a window sill
  • some Swiss chard
  • a chilli pepper
  • perpetual spinach
  • green tomato, crab apple, marrow or green plum chutney
  • crab apple jelly or green tomato marmalade

but that would have made rather an odd meal – so sprouts it has to be.  We can enjoy the chutney, chillis and spinach over the rest of the holidays .. and then get started on planning next year’s crops.  I have a few lettuce and spinach seedlings shivering in the seed house and there are onions and garlic peeking up through the soil but otherwise I’ll have to settle down with my seed packets and catalogues to do the big New Year plan.  I can’t wait.

5 thoughts on “Christmas dinner from the garden

  1. That is nice, I am sure you enjoyed! We had some home grown Red Cabbage made up with apple, and spices, it was lovely too to know I grew it myself. Enjoy the rest of your produce!

    1. I’m not sure I am a total fan but they are essential for Christmas dinner. I only started growing them when someone gave me seeds for these purple sprouts. They tasted lovely.

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