Bird tree mystery

We came home after a few days away over Christmas to find that one of the bird feeders had disappeared from the bird tree.

Tree complete with feeders

I suspected the squirrels.  A bird could not have removed an entire feeder and left no trace.  Squirrels could perhaps manage to move it to some suitable hiding place.  But this morning I noticed the whole tree had been knocked over and a further two feeders had disappeared.  Even squirrels would find it difficult to do that.  So the prime suspect now is this foxy creature:


This photo was taken on a snowy Christmas Day a few years ago.  I haven’t seen the fox in the garden recently but it is my prime suspect for stealing the bird food.  I’ve moved the remaining feeder to a tall tree to prevent further thefts.  The assistant gardeners want to know what I have against foxes and why we can’t  just have a fox tree.  Well I’m slightly tempted but it wasn’t really the point. The bird tree will stay for decorative purposes only for the rest of the festive season. I’m still enjoying the birds flocking to the more conventional feeders in the bushes and it would be nice to see the fox again but it will have to scavenge elsewhere for food.

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