Free seeds – bargain or challenge?


Free seeds always seem a wonderful bargain but they can also be a bit of a challenge.  These ones came as a result of a work trip to London – no, I don’t work for a seed marketing company – let me explain.  Blogging has fallen away a bit this last week as I was away over the weekend, travelling to London by train.  It’s a long journey but one of the joys of travelling by train is the chance to read.  Usually I have a pile of work or novels to get through but my long haul home was too late in the evening and it had been a long day, so I succumbed to an old treat of buying a gardening magazine in the station.  When I first started gardening I used to buy them all the time but then realised that you really only needed one year’s supply as the articles tended to be recycled each season (up to a point anyway, apologies to professional gardening writers out there).   Usually I just keep a supply of back copies and read them in the bath (it doesn’t matter if they fall in and get wet). So buying a new one is a real treat.  Often they come with free seeds but the problem with free seeds is that they are either things that you have a ton of already or they are things you don’t want to grow or really are unlikely to grow in Edinburgh.  I’ve got a huge backlog of cabbage, cauliflower and kale seeds this way (worthy but really not priorities in my patch). I’ve had free aubergine seeds and they’ve been surprisingly successful – the fruits grew to the size of fingers admittedly but were rather nice. And it was free seeds that introduced me to purple carrots. This time I got tomatoes (I can usually find a use for these), chilli peppers (yup) and melons – now there is a challenge.  I’ve often grown cucumbers under cover, but melons seem just a little challenging.   But now I’ve got the seeds, I’ll just have to try.  Anyone out there tried melons in Scotland?

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