Garden planning

It’s been another no gardening weekend so I thought I’d sort out my seed box.

Seed box

I made this from an old metal toolbox to hold all my seed packets.  You can buy these things from garden shops and catalogues but this one has my own decorations, cut from seed packets and garden magazines.  It holds all the seeds and keeps them dry and protected from any marauding creatures that might be passing through.

The first task is to sort through the box and see what I have left over to sow this year, before making a new order from the seed catalogues.  My growing area is quite small so I find that most packets do me two or three years. This year I seem to have stocks of most of my favourite vegetables so won’t need to do a big order.  But there are always a few packets lurking at the back with use by dates about five years’ ago.  Every year I promise I’ll check their viability by germinating a few inside first, but usually don’t get round to it.  So they build up and make me feel guilty.  Maybe this year I’ll check them all and throw out the ones that are never going to grow.

It’s a little early to order new seeds. Experience tells me that it really isn’t worth sowing them before early March. Meanwhile I’ll sit down with the catalogues and fantasize about the new things that I could grow this year.  And I’ve still got to decide about those melon seeds.

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