Cats in the garden

Cats are on our minds just now so I thought I would look out some old photos to honour the many cats that have shared my gardens, as an adult and in my childhood. Some are borrowed from friends and relatives.  This required a bit of a trawl through old photo albums and some rather varied  photo quality. But their roles in the garden have been many and various:

We have had flower lovers


 bee keeper

Indoor farmers

indoor farmer

Greenhouse gardeners


Raised bed hoggers

raised bed

Seed bed squashers

seed bed

Front door cats

front door

Garden wrestlers

P and T



Pond diggers


Keepers of the fairy mounds


And this one was a secret garden blogger.


So, in no particular order, here’s a toast to Roxy, Robbie, Pooh, Tut n’ Kamun, Purrse, Smokey and Chelsea.  They have all been committed gardeners in their own special way.

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