Big Garden Bird Watch

Today is Big Garden Bird Watch day in the UK, a mass bird watch by people all over the country, organised by the RSPB.  The idea is that you count the birds in your garden, submit your findings to the RSPB and they get to see changes in bird numbers and varieties over time.  More importantly, perhaps, they get lots of people interested in birds.  We’ve been counting our birds since the assistant gardeners were small and it’s become one of those seasonal garden things that brighten up the January gloom. Last year it was so wet that it didn’t do much brightening but today it is cold and sunny so quite cheering.  The pond is frozen over but I’ve put some water in the bird bath to encourage my feathered friends.

Non-garden work is bearing down on me again this weekend so I’ve set up the laptop on the dining table where I can watch the garden while working.  Right now there are two fat pigeons hogging the bird food on the bird table, a robin eating bird seed out of a coconut shell and a flock of sparrows flitting in and out of the bushes.  I always hope that something exciting will pass through the garden:  I’ve seen a wren occasionally and sometimes we get a heron from the nearby river landing on the garden shed but never on bird watch day.  I think it is cheating to include them though I’m very tempted. So back to the the other work and I’ll let you know what I see today.  I might even manage a photo later.

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