Birdwatch update

So I counted the birds in my garden for the Big Garden Bird Watch.  They were being a bit secretive this year and did not come out in their usual numbers.  I had a feeling that they were behaving a bit like Quentin Blake’s Cockatoos, hiding deliberately in the shrubbery. In the end I was able to submit the following bird sightings to the birdwatch:



Four sparrows

Great Tit

Two woodpigeons

Blue Tit

It felt a bit meagre as we usually have more birds than that.  But later on in the day I went for a walk and spotted nine oyster catchers and two curlews on a nearby playing field.  These are not garden birds at all but they certainly cheered me up.

Today I reckoned it was time to stop blogging and get out  in the garden.  It was suddenly mild so I did some weeding and tidying up.  There is a lot of long grass and mint growing freely round the pond.  It was looking pretty straggly so time for some hacking.  As well as improving the look of the place, this revealed some tiny snowdrops and daffodils pushing up through the grass.

Snowdrops 25/1/15

It was well worth it to find these jewels.

..oh and I changed the photo on my profile to that of the wondrous Roxy, blogging away on her laptop.

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