Dangerous cats

Here’s a blogging problem that I didn’t anticipate when I started this (remember its meant to be a GARDEN blog).  You start following other people and they start following you and before you know where you are, your life has disappeared while you read cat blogs.  I know cats are the lords and ladies of the internet but I hadn’t realised just how many there were out there blogging. So, for all you cat lovers, here is Roxy again, immortalised on a mural in our old garden shed.:Roxy mural

The mural Dinosaur muralalso had dinosaurs, seabirds and butterflies but I’ll tell you that story another time.  Here are the dinosaurs to give you an idea.

… and yes these are garden related because the shed was in the garden. I’ll get back to plants and vegetables and seeds and things soon (once I stop looking at cat blogs)!

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