Boiling the birds

It’s been icy but not snowy here.  The garden pond has been frozen for several days and I’ve gone out in the mornings to ‘boil the birds’ as the senior assistant describes it.  That means pouring hot water into the bird bath to melt the ice – don’t worry the water isn’t that hot and I always check that the ice has cooled it down before I leave it.  The other thing I’ve been doing is breaking the ice on the water barrels to make sure they don’t freeze solid, like they did a few years ago, causing one to crack all the way round the base:

frozen water barrel ice man

We made an ice man with the contents and turned the barrel into a compost bin. But that was depressing so now I go out in the mornings and break the ice and boil the birds.  Roll on spring.

2 thoughts on “Boiling the birds

  1. Roll on Spring is right! Still, not long to go now. Have you seen any signs of Spring in your garden yet? My daffodils are poking their heads through. I always look for them as the first harbingers of Spring.

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