After yesterday’s ice blog, the sun has come out today and it is feeling quite springish.  I did some tidying up in the front garden and rescued a few snowdrops and crocuses from under some rampant ground cover.  I moved them to a clearer bit of ground so that we can enjoy them when they flower:


Snowdrops are among my favourite plants but they often get smothered by other things, so I am always moving them around to try and find their best place.  These snowdrops all orginated in our old garden.  I brought clumps of them when we moved here five years ago and have been distributing them round the garden since.  Every time I dig up another bit of paving in the front garden I move some snowdrops.  Over time, they slowly increase.


I also planted lavender all round the front garden and now it has become rather rampant.  While I was cutting back an overgrown clump,  I noticed tiny lavender seedlings growing up through the paving stones:

lavender seedlings

I never cease to wonder at the ability of plants to grow in extraordinary places and to push their way up through brick and stone. You really have to get down on your hands and knees to see these things.

The sun is still shining though it’s still cold. But spring is definitely on the way.

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