Leaking water barrel part 2


It was a bit springlike this weekend which meant I was out in the garden and didn’t find time to blog (there were other distractions too) so here I am catching up on Monday night.  The spring air sent me into a flurry of activity.  When it comes to the rest of my life I am a bit of a list maker but in the garden my approach is more haphazard.  I wander about and do the things that strike me first, rather than the things that need to be done.  This has occasionally led to entire garden projects starting on the spur of the moment (like making a pond, cutting down the horrible conifers in the front garden, digging up an entire gardenful of pink gravel).  Saturday’s project was less dramatic but I had a sudden urge to get rid of the leaking water barrel – an entire winter of rain and it was still empty, proving that my various efforts at stopping the leak had finally failed. So I detached the offending object and replaced it with a dustbin.  Then some fiddling with a Stanley knife and piece of plastic tubing and it’s all set up to catch the overflow from the main barrel in the front garden.

water barrel


…now what to do with the old leaking barrel?  Leaky barrelI could turn it into another compost bin but don’t really need an extra one just now or maybe just give it away on Freecycle, in the hope that someone else can find a way to stop the leak.  Ideas welcome!

Meanwhile the spring bulbs are coming up and seed sowing is beginning to beckon.


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