Never buy a seed label

Well I gave in on delaying the seed sowing.  All that lovely leaf mould waiting to be used was too much.  So I’ve got a few things started in the house:  spring onions, salads and some coriander seeds that are rather old but might just germinate.  I used sieved leaf mould, mixed with sand and a bit of commercial compost.  I’m assuming that there aren’t many nutrients in there but these plants will all be moved on to more exciting homes before long anyway.   It’s too cold outside but, if these germinate inside, they can move outside to the seedhouse in a couple of weeks.  Also, I’m a little worried that the leaf mould might be full of nasty beasts and unwanted weed seeds so I didn’t want to risk my very precious things (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers) in it.

I’m very bad at labelling seeds – I usually think I’ll remember what they are and of course I don’t.   So this lot has been labelled using plastic strips cut from a milk container.

Seeds 1 March
Seeds 1 March

There really is no need ever to buy seed labels.  I use milk containers or plastic carton lids and write on them with marker pen.  Sometimes I use pencil which can be rubbed off and the label reDSCN4697used.  In the garden I use old bits of wood and write on them with a permanent marker.

This year I might also try using old bits of broken pot or some old wooden spoons and write on them with a marker pen.  My labelling is mainly functional but it can look good too.

2 thoughts on “Never buy a seed label

  1. Yes, I often make the same mistake of not labelling my pots… I’ve currently got that problem!

    I use the wooden stick from ice cream lollies as labels when I do do it, yours look great anyway.

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