Pottering in the rain

Today is the first day of spring apparently.  So I had to get out in the garden and do some pottering in between the sleet showers.


Tasks achieved today include dealing with some very sad strawberries which are planted in a fancy strawberry tower thing.  They have been very waterlogged and covered in moss so obviously need more drainage holes.  I get quite cross when people design these things without thinking about whether they’ll actually work or not. Anyway out with the hand drill and they are now full of holes. Let’s hope the strawberries like it now.

I also moved the dead water barrel to a quiet part of the garden with a plan to use it as a spare compost bin.  Fired up with this plan to create more compost, and inspired by Dan at Vegetablurb, I also had a look at my leaf bins to see what was in them.  They sit in hidden corners of the garden, full of uninspiring sycamore leaves and I hadn’t looked at them for a while. This proved to be most satisfying as there was a good bucketful of crumbly leaf mould underneath the piles of barely rotted sycamore leaves.  I might try and use it to make my own seed sowing compost but it’s just a bit too cold and a bit too early to start today.  I satisfied my sowing urges by doing my seed order online.  I haven’t ordered very much this year as I seem to have a lot left over from last year but I’ve splashed out on some more San Marzano tomatoes and lots of mange tout peas.

And I had look round at all the flowers in bloom, feeling very spring like.  The violas are quite tiny but exquisite.  Some of these have self-seeded from last year and I  hope they do the same again for me this year:

DSCN4955 DSCN4965 DSCN4964

Meanwhile the weather forecast is for heavy snow (not that we’ve had much this year so I can’t complain) but it hardly sounds like spring.

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