Daffodils and a tulip

Apparently we should be able to see the Northern Lights in Scotland tonight but here in Edinburgh we have thick fog.  There is a faint green tinge in the sky which may or may not be the Northern Lights.  We can but imagine!

In the meantime, all thoughts of spring have disappeared in the gloom.  We call it ‘haar’, ‘an east coast sea fog’, according to the Concise Scots Dictionary.  So I thought I’d have a look at my weekend photos.  I was looking for daffodils and found these in the garden:



Further afield, I was visiting my mother and we went to visit Threave Gardens in Galloway.  These gardens are  famous for their daffodils. But it was just a little too early in the year.  The crocuses were splendid though:

Crocuses under apple trees, Threave Gardens

and there was this cast iron daffodil in the sunken garden:

Daffodil, Threave Gardens

Perhaps the best surprise for me was an origami tulip, from my sons, when I got home:

origami tulip

Enough to break through the deepest gloom.

5 thoughts on “Daffodils and a tulip

  1. What a lovely day, the flowers, the surprise of the boys, your walk with your mum among the beautiful Crocuses. Lovely.

  2. I only found out about the Northern Lights after the event but I hadn’t noticed anything, anyway. Shame but maybe next time. The crocuses do look lovely, though.

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