Knit your own garden

I was in my local public library,  on the lookout for something new or a bit quirky.  As I grazed my way past the gardening books, the novels and the arts and crafts shelves, I picked up a book which qualified as gardening AND arts and crafts:  Arne and Carlos ‘Knit and Crochet Garden’.

Knit and crochet garden

This book is a gem of nuttiness, with ideas and patterns for knitting little people to inhabit your garden, wholly unnecessary knitted covers for hand tools, knitted seed bags and florally inspired items of all kinds.  I love it. Here’s where I admit to being a closet knitter.  I learned to knit as a small child when I lived in Shetland, survived the horrors of compulsory knitting classes at primary school (just the girls – the boys always seemed to get to do more interesting things), rediscovered it as a student in a flat full of fellow knitters and came back to knitting again a couple of years ago after a holiday in Shetland. Since then I’ve had a stream of knitting on the go – strictly in the evenings so as not to interfere with gardening or other activities.

… and, yes, this is a garden post because the book is sort of a gardening book.  Lots of lovely photos of the authors’ own garden along with their knitting.  I’m not sure I’ll be tempted to start knitting handles for my garden tools though – seems most impractical.

One thought on “Knit your own garden

  1. Oh how funny! I came across this book on holiday browsing in a bookshop in Germany. Gave me quite a few giggles. Little did I think that within the year I would be yarnstorming in our city and planning to do the same on my allotment! Though I think it may be a bit more free-flow than this….

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