Seeds and optimism

wallflowersGlorious day. Daffodils and wallflowers blooming. Warm sunshine. Seeds germinating. Birds singing. Who could ask for more?  I’ve sowed lots of stuff in the garden today: peas, carrots, lettuce seedlings, radishes. The tomatoes and sweetcorn I sowed inside last week have all popped up.  Too many tomatoes as usual but I’ve diligently potted them all up into individual pots and my windowsill is groaning with seedlings.  These include some very old cucumber seeds (the packet said ‘sow by 2010’) but a couple have come through.The free melons which I got with a gardening magazine have also germinated.  I’m not convinced they’ll produce actual melons but what is a gardener, if not an optimist?

I tried an experiment with some chilli seeds in a plastic tub from a charity shop.


They haven’t germinated yet but, if they do, we’re in for an exciting time in the autumn.


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