Overflowing seedlings

I haven’t done much actual gardening this weekend but have been enjoying my seedlings, crowding out the windowsill:


Here I have three varieties of tomato: San Marzano, Tigerella and Ailsa Craig, two of cucumber: Crystal Lemon and a green one (can’t find the packet so not sure which variety), aubergines, peppers, sweetcorn and the optimistic melons. All doing fine so far.


The chillis in the plastic tub are also coming along nicely. But everything will have to wait a few weeks before I can risk putting them outside – even in the seed house. We’ve had the most glorious weather over the last week, but hailstones yesterday and the temperature has dropped to 3º c for the last few nights.  Meanwhile the tougher vegetables are slowly coming along in the garden.  The broad beans, sown under a cloche a few weeks ago are coming up fairly sturdily:


I’ve planted out some lettuce seedlings but am battling with slugs – hence the copper rings.

But I quite like my broken pot seed labels. Maybe the slugs can read! If so I hope they don’t find the peas:

I’ve had a nice crop of rocket in a pot in the seed house, which has so far escaped the slimy creatures’ attention:

.. and my last photo for today is of my lovely little violas which self-seeded so beautifully last year and still bring me endless joy:


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