Broccoli and sage

I’ve been wanting to sow more seeds today but the weather forecast says that the lovely warm spell is about to end and temperatures drop to -1°C tonight.  My windowsill is overflowing with tomato plants, so there is no room inside and I don’t dare put them out in the seed house with that forecast.  So today I have had to wait and be patient, while enjoying the spring flowers and beginning to feast on the first salad leaves and, at last, the purple sprouting broccoli


It has taken a long time to come – I finally won a battle with pigeons pecking at the shoots by covering it in netting. So there’s not very much but it is delicious even eaten raw so well worth the wait. Meanwhile I cut back some of the herbs in the front garden as they were getting a bit leggy – but what to do with a huge bunch of sage and thyme?
For the moment I’ve stuck it in vase so we can just enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Broccoli and sage

  1. It is so frustrating when you reach capacity in the house, isn’t it? I have had a similar situation this evening. Hopefully, it will soon stop being so cold during the nights.

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