Frozen sweetcorn

It was a choice between the sweetcorn and the melons.  Something had to go out to the seedhouse when the windowsill overflowed last week.  So the sweetcorn went out to join the Brussels sprouts and lettuce seedlings. In the seedhouse the temperature has varied from 40º C during the day to -2º C at night. Maybe there’s a clue there – sprouts, sweetcorn, subzero temperatures – not words that go together really.


Well the picture tells the story.  The sweetcorn didn’t like it.  The lettuce and the sprouts are fine, the broad beans and radishes and other sensible cold climate vegetables in the raised bed are thriving.  Meanwhile the melons and tomatoes and other sun-loving vegetables are basking on the windowsill and will stay there for another good few weeks.


Fortunately the apple blossom seems to have survived the freezing overnight temperatures.  The Howgate Wonder seems particularly happy so we’re looking forward to a bumper crop.


And I’ve sowed some more sweetcorn seeds.

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