A muddy treat

The rain was unrelenting and the lawn was turning into a swamp, so today seemed like the best time to tackle the holes round the pond.  I put on my wellies, filled a bucket with sand from my stockpile and began to tackle the mess of mud, holes and moss.  That’s when I realised I should be thanking the magpies for making the holes.  Under all the moss, I uncovered the original edge, which had crept in about six inches all round, reducing the overall size of the pond. Eventually it would have filled it in completely, leaving only a bog.  A good hour of hauling up moss and mud in the pouring rain and I revealed the stones round the edge and the little beach that we had made to allow our wildlife friends to get in and out.


But then the real joy occurred.  Our friendly frog, which I haven’t seen all winter, popped its head up.


Then I found some frogspawn.  So I left that bit of the pond with overgrown moss and weed to allow the baby frogs to develop.  And then  a second frog appeared.


Probably they only came out because I had disturbed their habitat.  I hope they aren’t too distressed. Can you spot the frogs in this picture? Scroll down to find them.

Spot the frogsThe pond looks much better and I was very careful not to disturb the frogspawn.  A most satisfying day.

Here are the frogs:


The frogspawn is hidden under the overgrown bit that I left at the far end of the pond.

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