Positive externalities revisited

My first post on this blog was ‘Positive externalities– or why everyone should dig up their front drives and plant flowers’ .  It told the story of a small child and their mother, coming into my front garden to sniff the flowers.  It summed up for me what gardening is all about.


That was nearly a year ago and I was reminded of it by a story in the news today about the Chelsea Flower Show where the Royal Horticultural Society has been highlighting the problem of gardens being turned into car parks.

Here are some photos from the front garden today.  This bed is full of herbs.  It also has some onions and my tomatoes will take their place once the weather is a little better:
It’s a bit mossy and and bit weedy and lots of things have self-seeded:


The wallflowers are at their glorious best:


The daffodils are almost finished

Though not quite

The lavender  and roses are  about to produce their wonderful perfume:

I invite all the local passers by (as well as the bees and butterflies) to come and have a sniff and to imagine what this was like a few years ago:


This was a year after we moved in and just after I started on my mission to reclaim paradise.  I’m still certain that I’d rather have the flowers and the bees (and the moss and weeds) than space to park three cars.

3 thoughts on “Positive externalities revisited

  1. A definite improvement, Jackie!! I wish I could do something about my drive but that is something to ponder another day….

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