Runner bean wigwam

Today’s plans got a bit diverted because of high winds. I was planning to go to the annual Meadows Festival, help out with a stall, pass on some plants to sell on another one, and have a great time, wandering round looking out for bargains and catching up with old friends.  But they had to cancel the event because of the wind. There was also some rain but neither of these stopped me getting into the garden and doing some serious cutting back and weeding.  I also put up my runner bean wigwam in the bed with the educational bean trench.

DSCN5337The wind didn’t deter me – one of the few things I learned in the Girl Guides was how to make a  pole wigwam that wouldn’t fall down.  I was never quite sure quite what the point of it was then but it works for the runner beans. Then I planted out the little bean plants, which have germinated fairly well in their reused cardboard coffee cups.  They won’t mind the wind, and the rain and warm sun should help them to settle in.  I put a couple of sweet pea plants in beside them as they look so good beside the bean flowers.  The self-seeded nigella in the middle of the bed is just about to burst into flower.

I decided to leave planting out the tomato plants until another day as they would just get blown over today.  They are very happy inside the seed house but will need some more space soon.  I harvested some salad for our tea: lettuce, radishes, red onions, spinach and coriander leaves and the promise of lots more to come.

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