Sun in the Meadows

The sun came out today so the Meadows Festival went ahead as planned.  The Meadows is a lovely park in the centre of Edinburgh and is home to one of my favourite events of the year.  Most years I help out at one of the many community stalls, sell some plants, get rid of some bric-a-brac, and come home with more! This year it was time to pass on some of the baby oak trees and various other self-seeded plants which have found homes in my garden:


Complete with yoghurt pot labels:


There were some wonderful old garden tools on sale:


But they are often quite pricey. This one seemed extreme:

Leaking watering can
Leaking watering can

There are stalls selling everything from garden tools to baby clothes, books and music, useless bric-a-brac, antiques, handmade jewelry, out-of-date electrical items, crockery, children’s toys.  Some of this is in aid of local charities and campaigning organisations, some for people making a living out of reusing old stuff but it’s all done in a fun and friendly environment.  I came home with some small pots for herbs and a collection of music cds. Not such a good haul as some years but the sun shone, there was live music, young people, old people, students, parents, children and a lot of dogs, all having fun. A great day.

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