Everything outside

The weekend was the time for everything (well nearly everything) to go outside: tomatoes to the raised beds, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines to the seed houses .. and our new cat to the garden:


Meet Bella, our lovely one year old cat.  She’s never been outside before.  We got her from a rescue centre where they told us that she had been an ‘indoor cat’ up until now.   We kept her in for three weeks and let her out on Saturday. The wee sweetie had never experienced grass or rain or bird song – all very exciting for her but the most exciting thing was the swingball.
At last someone has found a use for a swingball with no ball. (The wellies are an old unwanted pair that I found in a corner, covered in dust and cobwebs. I washed them and they were drying in the sun before their removal to a charity shop).

DSCN5371Bella’s also interested in vegetables. Here she is playing ‘get across the garden without touching the wet grass’.  Broad beans in full flower and healthy looking sprouts in the background. Lot’s of excitement in store for her and the rest of the family.

So that’s everything outside for the summer.  I’ve kept a couple of aubergines, cucumbers and peppers (and the melon) inside just to see how they compare with those in the seed house.  So summer’s definitely on its way.

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