Living stick

I was checking over the potted herb garden at my kitchen doorDSCN5387

It’s doing quite nicely, despite the usual battles with slugs and greenfly.  I’ve got a constant source of chives, rosemary, thyme, oregano, various mints and tarragon. But the parsley has been completely gobbled by slugs and I was thinking about throwing out the lemon verbena, which appeared not to have survived the winter. Then I noticed that it had sprouted lots of little green shoots:

Living stick

I was overjoyed. And this bee was having a great time on the chive flowers:

Chive with bee

It is these very simple pleasures that make gardening so satisfying.

3 thoughts on “Living stick

  1. Not sure I have seen any bees on my chive flowers. Still, I think there are other distractions, so all is well. Great that your lemon verbena has revived. What do you use it for?

    1. I use it in tea infusions and add it to cold drinks in the summer. I’ve only had it since last year so glad it has survived. I’ll need to give it more protection in the winter I think.

      1. Yes, it would be a shame if it died. Hopefully next year I will have my herb garden up and running, then I might plant some myself.

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