Butterfly wings

The mangeout peas have suddenly arrived:
and we had our first pea salad, along with some baby cucumbers and radishes:


Some beautiful purple flowers have also appeared among the pea stakes. These are ‘Carouby de Mousanne’. I haven’t grown them before so didn’t know what to expect. They are a striking purple colour:


What really stunned me was the butterfly wings of the flowers as they fade from purple to blue:

blue pea

I can’t wait to see and taste the peas, though they are almost too beautiful to imagine eating.

3 thoughts on “Butterfly wings

  1. Yes, I like the colour of my mangetout flowers as well. I think I’ve got the same variety as you – so how are you finding them to eat?

    They grow very quickly but I have found them a bit stringy. If I steam them for a long time, they are okay but they aren’t so good in stirfry 😦

    1. Actually I don’t think they taste as good as the ordinary white flowered ones growing near them (sugar pea Norli is the variety I think). But the flowers are so lovely, I’ll just have to grow both!

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