Blogging inspired gardening

What happens when your courgettes don’t germinate? Obviously you sow some more. And then what happens? You end up with far too many. So today I’ve planted out the overflow of courgette plants.


There’s an old saying somewhere that you should plant three of everything: one for the birds, one for the slugs and one for the table.  Maybe this will work – though I’ve also put some copper rings round a few to try and keep the slimy creatures off.

Newly planted courgettes and one established marrow
Newly planted courgettes and one established marrow

It’ been a busy week – too much going to to do much blogging, or even gardening for that matter.  Thanks to the inspiration of my fellow bloggers, I thought I’d better get something done today before rushing off to the next thing.

Here also is my rustic pea trellis, inspired by the ones I saw in the Botanic Gardens last week:


If it wasn’t for the blog, I’m not sure I would have made this. So thank you bloggers and followers.

4 thoughts on “Blogging inspired gardening

  1. I like the ‘plant three of everything’. I’ve done that with my pumpkins and sweetcorn, and now have three of everything. Considering the birds here don’t seem interested and this year the slugs are nowhere to be seen (possibly why the birds aren’t interested), it looks like there is a chance of a crop of something 🙂

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