Cat basket

I’ve been looking for a suitable shelter for the cat to hide in when she is left out in the rain. Since her first venture outside a few weeks ago she now wants to spend all her time in the garden, chasing bees and long grasses:

Frog and Bella

We don’t have a cat flap so sometimes she has to wait outside till we come home, even in the rain. Yesterday I spent a happy, but fruitless, time, wandering round local DIY stores, pet shops and charity shops trying to find something that would make a shelter for her.  I came home empty handed and set to thinking about what I could make from the miscellaneous ‘useful’ things lying around the garden. First of all, an old bread basket which I’ve had for years:

Bread basket

Then the broken lid of a kitchen bin.  I used the bottom half as a water barrel and kept the top because it was a nice shape – though I couldn’t think of a use for it before now.  Here, with a familiar old towel, it becomes a cat den:

Bin lid

Cover the whole thing with black plastic, left over from making the pond several years ago, put it under the garden bench and wait:


Bella has had a good sniff around but hasn’t moved in yet. But then, she’s a cat so she will decide when, if at all, she plans to use it. But I feel quite pleased with my efforts, which didn’t cost anything and reused four otherwise fairly useless pieces of junk.

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