Respect the work of the gardeners

It’s summer holiday time. Regular readers will notice that I’ve been off the blog for a couple of weeks.  Well I’ve been away and here are a couple of garden related photos from my trip.  I rather liked this wicker compost bin in the garden of a castle in Switzerland:

Wicker compost bin
Wicker compost bin

.. and this sign seemed much more appropriate than ‘keep off the grass’ or ‘don’t touch the flowers’:

For the pleasure of all, please respect the work of the gardeners
For the pleasure of all, please respect the work of the gardeners

One of the best things about going on holiday is coming home to see the garden flourishing. Nothing seems to have succumbed to drought or slugs this year and, so far,  I haven’t spotted anything like last year’s plum disaster.  The plum tree is having a rest this year – I’ve counted about four plums – but the apples are looking good. There was a huge picking of broad beans, the first of the runner beans, the last of the raspberries, the first of the autumn fruiting raspberries – ‘autumn’ – now that’s a word I don’t want to start using just yet but the raspberries are good. The tomatoes are coming on though they’re not going to be very prolific this year. There’s one huge marrow but no courgettes.  Maybe I should harvest the marrow to make room for some baby ones.  There are lots of peas and more to come. The best treat of all was an abundance of cucumbers:


Bella survived her first time being left on her own and she has been using her cat basket. She seems very content here on the fairy mound;


.. and the bees seem to have recovered from their ordeal. A wee poke among the twigs that I used to cover the nest produced an angry buzzing sound. So there’s still something happening in there.  Now to get back to some serious gardening.

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