Green soup

Being the last day of my holidays, I had an urge to make stuff.  First it was bread – it seemed like less hassle than going to the shops.  Then, something to have with the bread – soup.  We were a bit out of root vegetables, the usual base for soup.  So it had to be ‘green soup’.  There is no recipe for green soup – the only rule is that everything has to be green.WP_20150809_002

This one had perpetual spinach, mange tout peas, tarragon, mint, lovage, nettles, a bolted lettuce, broad beans (all from the garden),  a few left-overs from the fridge (cooked potatoes, courgette, pepper) and an onion.  I cut and stir fried the lot and then added some stock. Cooked it for ten minutes or so, whizzed it up with a hand whizzer and added a few whole broad beans to improve the look.  It still looks like the monster from the swamp but it tasted not bad in the end though there was a bit too much lovage which overpowered everything else.  I was inspired by fellow blogger Agoyvaerts to include the nettles. Thanks for reminding me that we can eat these.

This set me off to use a couple of other bloggers’ ideas.  So I made some rosemary oil, thanks to Off the Edge Gardening and some lavender sugar, thanks to Agents of Field

Oh what a productive day.  I didn’t do any actual gardening, apart from harvesting these lovely things.

7 thoughts on “Green soup

  1. I’ve got lettuce soup in the freezer from the other day. Honestly, it tastes like nettles but I swear there were none. My lovage has not grown so I have yet to try the taste – what is it like?

      1. sorry for the delay – been away again – I’m not sure it flowers often -I thnk they are yellow – I’ll try and post a photo when I get a chance

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