Unexpected pleasures

Suddenly there’s a whiff of autumn in the air. So yesterday was a tidying up day.  I started with cutting back the summer raspberry canes.  In among the raspberries, I found a good handful of redcurrants, hanging like rubies from bushes.  Delving deeper into that overgrown part of the garden I also found some cherry plums.  These have fallen from a tree which is owned jointly by me and my neighbours. The tree has a double trunk: one half on my side of the fence and the other on theirs. We don’t know who planted it or when, so we agree to share it.  It has grown so high that we can’t reach the fruit.  But these little gems had fallen to the ground and had not yet been eaten by slugs or birds.  And there were a couple of windfall apples too, a lone strawberry and some autumn raspberries.  So a little dish of free fruit:


It was time to do some tidying up in the seedhouses.  The faithful cucumbers have nearly finished but the peppers and aubergines are coming only slowly and were looking a little neglected.  I hauled everything out and harvested what was there:  three peppers, a chilli, a tiny aubergine, probably the last green cucumber, a healthy looking yellow cucumber and three tomatoes:


‘Don’t give up the day job’, was the reaction of a friend when I showed her a photo like this.  Ok, its not going to feed a family of four but that’s not the point.  Anyway, I should get some more peppers and chillis, there are lots more tomatoes to come – the fruits on the outside plants are still green but fairly plentiful.


The peas and courgettes multiply as soon as I turn my back, the Howgate Wonder apple tree is groaning with fruit, I’ve got six jars of marrow chutney in the cupboard and I’m just off to make some rhubarb jam.  Back to the day job tomorrow but in the meantime, these little homegrown pleasures will feed the soul.

One thought on “Unexpected pleasures

  1. Isn’t it great when you get unexpected food. It’s comforting from my point of view to read your news, as that’s the normal amount I harvest at any one time, having but a small garden and all!

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