More holes

The neighbours probably thought the mad woman was just doing a bit of evening watering. They didn’t realise I was on a mission to battle the vine weevil which have been invading my garden.  The adults of these little monsters make holes that make the leaves look as if they’ve been attacked with a hole punch:

Vine weevil leaf holes
Vine weevil leaf holes

But what they do to strawberries and blueberries in pots is much worse.  Their nasty little larvae eat the roots. I’ll spare you the photos of my dead plants but I lost all my blueberries this year and most of my strawberries.  So tonight I went out with a packet of biological control – ‘contains 6 million beneficial nematodes’ – filled up a watering can and dosed all my patio pots and a few of the border plants, in the dark.  It had been a long day at work and this was somehow therapeutic.

I try to appreciate the wildlife in my garden but the vine weevil is not my favourite.  This little pal is rather nice though:


I found it in the undergrowth, while hauling up weeds at the weekend and it leapt into the pond and hid under a lily pad.

8 thoughts on “More holes

  1. I was about to ask if it was a toad or a frog but Agnes knows… Anyway, it is a lovely little fellow.

    Not so the vine weevils. I hope the nematodes do the trick.

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