Autumnal tasks

Made yet more marrow chutney, planted red onion sets, took the cucumber plants out of the seed house.  Most of the cucumbers have been fantastic this year but they’re finished now. I found a giant cucumber lurking near the base of one pot.  That explains why that plant didn’t produce much else.  Sorry no photo – it went straight into a cucumber relish thing for our tea last night.  Here’s a batch from August though:


I had a go at pruning back the overgrown conifers at the back of the garden.  These have been bothering me since we moved to the house.  Who plants these things deliberately? Do I leave them where they are or cut them right down and create a huge new space in the garden?  A few years ago we cut down the ones in the front garden on impulse:


I haven’t regretted it but the monsters in the back garden will take a bit more effort and a professional wood-cutter.  During today’s pathetic pruning exercise, I managed to drop a branch on my eyebrow (don’t ask – just one of those idiotic gardening accidents and no serious damage).

It’s been one of those weekends.  Time to put my feet up with another autumn task:


I buy my seeds from the Organic Gardening Catalogue when I don’t have an emergency need for seeds, now, or when I impulse buy at a garden centre.  And what gardener can resist a seed catalogue with next year’s date on it?

8 thoughts on “Autumnal tasks

  1. I’ve got two catalogues waiting…. Not sure I need any seeds for next year as packets generally last and last. Then again, I do need more tomatoes and garlic.

    Do your conifers prevent sunlight getting onto the garden?

    Thank goodness it was your eyebrow and not your eye!

    1. The seed catalogue is usually about fantasy gardening! The conifers, embarrassingly, don’t shade my garden – just the people on the other side but they take up space. My whole eyelid is now a lovely purple colour – I’ve thought of painting the other one to match and adopt a new goth look !

      1. 😊 hope the eyelid soon resumes its normal colour.

        I dug out a hawthorn bush as it took up so much space, so I get the picture with your conifers.

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