Tomato magic

It’s been very cold at night this week and I’ve been working late so not home in time to do any gardening. But I dashed out on Friday to rescue my tomatoes before they got frosted. This year I’ve had a mixture of of San Marzano, Ailsa Craig and Tigerella. Here’s what they looked like in April:


And in August:


And here’s Friday’s crop:


Magic isn’t it?   I’ll leave these in the kitchen to ripen. And the best thing is that this is only a small proportion of those still out there.  It was getting dark, so I took out all the canes propping up the plants and covered the rest of the plants with a cloche to protect them. Now I’m hoping they’ll ripen a little more before the slugs get to them.  If not, then it will be green tomato marmalade again.  I love green tomato marmalade but freshly picked home grown tomatoes are the best, even in October.

4 thoughts on “Tomato magic

  1. thanks for the marmalade recipe with ginger wine (sounds yum). I had a glut of green tomatoes last year and made tomato chutney but it’s always nice to hear of alternative recipes to chutney!

  2. What a lovely harvest. Which variety is your favourite? I like to ripen as many as possible of the last tomatoes – eating them green isn’t really my thing.

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