Chillies and mangoes

While in Manchester this weekend I spotted this intriguing sight outside a vegetable shop. A deliberate attempt to confuse the customers perhaps:


We were there on a mission to deliver a chilli plant to our wandering assistant gardener:

Very hot chillis

Chillis hot devil's brew

We also delivered a little gift of windfall apples, the last of the autumn raspberries, some green tomatoes, rhubarb jam, marrow chutney and the last jar of last year’s slightly unsuccessful crab apple jelly:

When we made the crab apple jelly last year (using juiced crab apples rather than a jelly bag), it was unbelievably sour and very runny. We couldn’t really find a use for it but over the year it seems to have mellowed and solidified a bit. Just the thing to go with those ‘mangoes’ perhaps.

2 thoughts on “Chillies and mangoes

  1. yeah, juicing apples to make jelly wouldn’t work as you need the pectin that comes from the whole fruit including the seeds, and the best way to get this is by simmering in water and then straining – hence the traditional jelly bag method – don’t give up though, have another go and yes maybe add a few of those ‘mangoes’ 😉 for a bit of a kick 🙂

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