Misbehaving sycamore seeds

The monstrous sycamore in my front garden has offloaded most of its seeds.  Some have fallen in the front garden:


I’ll try and collect as many as I can before they sink into the soil and germinate and try to grow into new monsters.  In previous years I’ve tried making them into Christmas decorations before they got the chance to germinate but I gave up on that as too fiddly. Secretly I quite like it when the seedlings start appearing in the spring but I have to be vigilant before they get too big.

What is a little more embarrassing is that they are also scattered all along the pavement in the street where we live.  I think trees are like cats though.  We can’t be held responsible for their anti-social behaviour in the neighborhood. At least I hope not.

Meanwhile, a much more glorious sight was the broad bean shoots peeping up through the soil in the old tomato bed:

broad beans
It’s hard to spot the little green shoots but, I promise you, they’re there, in among the sycamore leaves and seeds.   I hope the beans survive through the winter but we’ll just have to wait and see.  If not, at least I’ll have a little sycamore forest.

11 thoughts on “Misbehaving sycamore seeds

  1. I have same issue with next door’s silver birch: little trees popping up everywhere!

    Anyway, I hope your broad beans do well. I planted done this time last year and they were fine. I covered them with horticultural fleece to protect them once the shoots got big enough to be staked.

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