Tomatoes before breakfast

Dark November days – I just hate it when I can’t get into the garden during the week.  I know I should get up early and get out before breakfast but somehow it doesn’t happen, except today because I had to get some clothes washing done before going to work. Stuffed the things in the machine (oh the glory of the automatic washing machine) and dashed out to the garden to see what could be done while it worked its electrical wonders. It was quite mild this morning but I reckoned it was time to bring in the tomatoes before a sudden frost hits us.  Here’s today’s harvest:


There’s probably enough there for green tomato marmalade but I’m tempted to leave them to ripen and just enjoy them raw.  Of course this left an empty raised bed, a prime target for enthusiastic cat digging. So I flung some green manure seeds around in the hope that it will cover the ground and discourage Bella from her horticultural activities. I also fitted in a couple of short rows of red onions and covered them with a cloche (also to keep the cat off).  The onions had been sitting on my desk, making me feel guilty, for weeks. Now they’re in the ground and they may be eaten by slugs or destroyed by frost but at least it won’t be my fault.  If I’m lucky I’ll have a dozen or so lovely onions in the early summer.

Then a final dash round the front garden and attempt to sweep up some of the sycamore leaves.  The leaves are falling like snow now and cover the ground as soon as I turn my back.  Most of them went in one of my big leaf bins to turn into lovely leaf mould.  There’s still plenty left on the tree, looking lovely and autumnal in the sunshine but creating a lot of work once they fall on the ground.  That’s a few more early starts (and washings) to look forward to.

4 thoughts on “Tomatoes before breakfast

  1. I can empathise with you re dark evenings hampering work (and enjoyment) of the garden. I admire your spirit in getting out before work. It has been known here, but only when I force myself to get out of a warm and cosy bed!

    You’ve got a lovely load of tomatoes, anyway. Green tomato marmalade is wonderful but I think I have enough of other preserves to last – and not a huge amount of tomatoes this year.

  2. I’m not a fan of green tomatoes so I always ripen mine off. It’s worked very well this year and loads have ripened off the plants.

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