Wild geese

The weather forecast was for endless rain but, during my little trip to Galloway at the weekend, I was thankful for a couple of hours of autumnal joy at Caerlaverock wetland centre . We had had missed the stunning mass migration of wild geese from Svalbard to Scotland but there were still 5000 geese to watch in the flooded fields and ponds, along with ducks and swans and hedgerow birds in the trees.

We also spotted this magnificent insect hotel:

insect hotel

An impressive rainwater collection system:


.. and a spooky tree:


These berries would have been festive if we had been in the mood, but November is too early.  We just liked looking at them:


The Wetland Centre attracts serious bird watchers with serious waterproofs and even more serious cameras, trying to snatch the perfect photo or tick off a rare water fowl – there was a green winged teal, causing excitement for the twitchers.  My little camera wasn’t up to capturing the birds at all.  Sometimes I think it’s better not to try but, instead, to watch the geese and wonder at their annual travel from the Arctic Circle to this place of watery beauty. It was a good day, just to enjoy the natural world.

Oh and what does it have to do with gardening?  Well the same applies to the garden sometimes – just enjoy it.


8 thoughts on “Wild geese

      1. It is a charming feature…. I am thinking about getting some guttering to put on my fence in order to collect rainwater. The watering can adds an aesthetic as well as humorous dimension to the whole 🙂

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