Apples and ice

We had our first proper frosty start on Saturday.  There was ice on the pond and the temperature had dropped to -1.

Leaves through the ice

Fortunately I had brought in the last of the apples the day before:


This year’s crop has been wonderful.  The Howgate Wonder produced about twenty apples, even better than its bumper harvest two years ago, when we thought ten was a lot.

Howgate Wonder 2013
Howgate Wonder 2013

This amazing tree is only five years old and yet it continues to live up to its name. The Howgate Wonders dwarf the little Red Falstaffs, which gamely continue to bring bright red colour to the garden.  The Sunsets had all been eaten by the time I brought these in on Friday.  This year we had only four plums but our little orchard is beginning to fulfil its promise.

The bright cold day on Saturday provided a great incentive to get outside and hack things back.  I cut back all the overgrown grass round the pond, to make some space for the tiny daffodils and snowdrops that I know are lurking there.  All this cutting and hacking brought a robin into the garden, on the lookout for worms no doubt.  It also brought Bella out to play.  She was having a fine time, chasing leaves, running about, bouncing on the fairy mounds and climbing trees:


I had to scare the robin away to keep it from her clutches.  I hope we get a few more days like this before the winter gloom really sets in.

5 thoughts on “Apples and ice

    1. They’re amazing – we bought the tree mail order from the Organic Gardening catalogue – it still looks a bit like my drawing from 2013 – tall and thin but dripping with huge fruits that taste wonderful. I would recommend it every time for anyone who wants an apple tree

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