In the swamp

The garden is a swamp today.  It has rained solidly for several days and there is little to inspire out there. Everything is inches deep in water, the water barrels are overflowing, the cat would like some welly boots to get across the garden. So today I’ve had an indoors sort of day, getting on with the festive baking.  Christmas cake and Christmas pudding now done.  Once I’ve made these, I always reckon we can get through Christmas somehow and live on pudding and cake for the whole festive season if necessary. The only garden produce that went into them was one of the lovely apples, which was added to the pudding. Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying just looking at this amazing pepper plant which lasted the summer in the seedhouse and has continued to flourish inside for the last couple of months:

Maybe we could use it instead of a Christmas tree?

I also noticed that the insect-eating pitcher plant has produced a weird flower:


I looked online to see what I could find about these flowers and found only that it is the wrong season for flowering.  Oh well, maybe it would be happier in the swamp, though it’s a little bit cold out there tonight.


One thought on “In the swamp

  1. A local farmer told me some of her apple trees were showing blossom, so your flowering plant may have caught the bug, so to speak!

    It is dreadful out there, though, is it not? Your poor cat!

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