Bird tree again

There was a sudden drop in temperature last night and this morning the garden was covered with a sprinkle of frost:

This put me in a slightly festive mood.  It’s a bit early for the Christmas tree in our house but I thought I’d have another go with the bird tree from last year.  This was my attempt to make a Christmas tree for the birds, complete with bird food.  It looked nice but something other than birds got at the food, tipping it over and making a mess – possibly a fox.  I kept the tree and grew flowers up it in the summer:
sweet peas on the bird tree

but they’re all gone and last night’s frost finished off the last of the nasturtiums. So time for a new bird tree. What with the fox antics last year, the squirrel invasion a couple of years ago, various miscellaneous vermin and our new feline predator, I wasn’t at all sure about putting bird food on it. So this year, I’ve just decorated it with festive greenery and berries and put it in the front garden:

The birds might still enjoy the berries but, for the moment, that’s my Christmas decorating done.

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