Christmas festivities over, Scotland’s New Year hype yet to start. Not too wet, not too cold. It was a day to get into the garden and do some stuff. So I’ve turned the compost bin – that was fun – cut back the runner beans and taken down their poles

DSCN5337Here’s what they looked like in May.

Then I put some cardboard down on the raised beds to help stuff grow in the spring and to keep the cat off.  As I was out in the garden, doing  these exciting tasks, I heard seagulls screeching above me.  I looked up and saw that they were chasing a sparrowhawk. It was beautiful, soaring in the clear sky. About to attack some poor smaller bird no doubt, but lovely just the same. A reminder of why it is good to get into the garden for a while, even at this time of year.

3 thoughts on “Sparrowhawk

  1. It’s a great idea to go into the garden even at this time of year. Here it’s a bit of an adventure right now to do that, everything is so filled with water, so sodden, and the patio is dangerously slippery, something to work on for me for next winter 🙂 But can’t stop the never ending rain! Lovely post.

  2. We are lucky in that we can get into the garden – under normal circumstances. I’ve got a big stack of tasks to do, so I hope it dries up soon.

    Hard to believe the poles were back in May. Time flies… Cardboard is such a wonderful thing for the garden.

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